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      2. Excellent business philosophy
        Manufacture automatic terminal machine with completed operation from designing to production process. Provide more automatic machine, improve competitiveness via cost reduction.
        About us

        CHU LUN MACHINERY CO., Ltd. was founded by two brothers Mr. Hsu Chui Chi and Mr. Hsu Chui lin in 1975, initially dealt with manufacturing and sale of printing machinery, later on in 1980, on account of the greatest interest in studying automating machinery, they shifted to exclusively manufacturing of wire cutting machine and crimping machine. For more than 20 years, Chu Lun cherishing 70 more technical labor seasoned labor force, has been working with undaunted elaboration to make the better products for the benefit of end users. Now the company has entered computerization era in which all research and development works, personnel management, financial control. Material control and order handing are under integrated computer operation.

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        Rich industry experience
        Established in 1975, manufacture automatic terminal machine with pursuing the excellent business philosophy, possess completed operation from designing to production process. Continue to move forward and keep updating, expecting to become the leading manufacturing company of wire harness processing automation equipment in the industry.
        Perfect after-sales service
        More and more services station and production site are available to offer service to customers. Aiming at strict control of the machine quality, size and precision, lots of different kind of precision processing machines are introduced for component processing.

        Product Center

        Direct sales by wire peeling machine manufacturer – computer controlled wire peeling machine / automatic terminal machine / feeding machine / tube cutting machine

        A professional company with production and sales of computer controlled wire peeling machine, automatic terminal machine, etc. automatic machines

        • We have strong, efficient and excellent service team
        • With professional customer service team and perfect service system
        • Products passed ISO9001-2008 quality system certification
        • Advanced testing machine with warranty of products quality
        • Focus on manufacturing of wire rod automation machine with proven technique
        • Diversified product categories, sufficient stock, one-stop purchasing

        Consult to LEE LUN right now15862675345

        On-line consulting

        First choice of wire peeling machine –LEELUN

        Detailed advantage introduction of various intelligent wire rod processing machine

        Marketing network

        Mainland area


          Jiangsu Wuxi Huishan Luoshe town of Hua Qi village

          TEL: 0510-83320913


        • Kunshan City Peoples machinery factory

          Zhang seven Town Village Road, No. 69 The bases

          TEL: 0512-57455676


        • CHU LUN (DONG GUAN) CO .,LTD.

          47 River Road Town, Dongguan City four villages

          TEL: 0769-87883409


        • Kunshan Chulun Machinery Industry Co., LTD

          Kunshan City Sunshine West Road 509



        The Taiwan region


          New Taipei City Linkou District No. 1-1 eight workers

          New Taipei Linkou, Gongba Road No. 1-1

          TEL:886-2-26015827(The Rep)



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